50 Best Ways to Re-imagine Your Dream Dining Spot (With Sets)

Room A Touch of BoHo

Room #1: A Touch of BoHo
The chairs don’t match. How cool! And the white wainscoting surrounding the room is a throwback to Colonial days while the buffet pairs South Sea island-inspired drawer fronts that make hopsack curtains look right at home. An easy-clean wood floor invites diners to relax and enjoy surrounded by a bit of lively art installed on spring-green walls. But the star of the show is the purposely mis-matched dining room furniture that might have left your parents aghast. Today, it’s a fun, trendy way to show your decorating personality, so don’t be shy about deferring to your inner Bohemian when you choose between dining room sets. Viva la difference!

Room Wild about Color

Room #13: Wild about Color
Admit it: You crave a room that stops people in their tracks—-a room that says more about your personality than any statement you’ve made in life thus far. Start with ambience borne of blue-tinged black walls, a single focal point amid an eclectic collage of teal and all shades of the red spectrum, then place your hot yellow table and pink chairs smack in the middle of your dining domain. Each lacquered piece in your dining ensemble will remind guests of summer picnics and ice cream cones—-even during the dreariest winter months, so never forget to serve dessert when you’ve used this delightful home décor idea to re-imagine this area of your home.

Room Your Intimate Corner

Room #4: Your Intimate Corner
It’s perfectly acceptable to have home decor ambitions that are bigger than the space you have to fill them, but when it comes to crafting a multi-use corner that’s as compact and utilitarian as it is charming, you couldn’t choose a more useful, all-purpose dining room set. Four lithe white chairs in two different styles move effortlessly from dinner for four to a home office conference. Add storage to your home design with a unit that’s a circle of cubby holes ready to store any number of things. Fill it with crockery. Load it with photos. Collect unusual jars from trips around the world. Who needs a banquet hall to stage a good-sized gathering when dining room sets like this exist? Not you.

Room Extraterrestrial Holiday

Room #12: Extraterrestrial Holiday
Will the planet hanging from the ceiling of this extraordinary room continue to shine down on guests once they’ve taken seats at this magnificent spaceship of a room? Of course it will—but guests may be too distracted by the cool coordination of kitchen and dining arena that’s awash in rich woods, a sky of mahogany planks and the dining room table that commands the room. Warm, rich taupe seats are a bit on the mauve side, but the best seat in the house goes to the evening’s host who commands attention from a single striped, high-back chair. What better environment could a gourmet meal hope to enjoy? When it comes to unique dining room sets, this one is a prize winner!

Room Is it Paris or Havana?

Room #7: Is it Paris or Havana?
Did the creation of this fascinating room begin or end with that wallpaper? It’s a textural backdrop for a room that’s an homage to style and luxury, overseen by an eye-popping wall graphic that interrupts a busy wallpaper pattern. This simple dining room table perched on ornately carved legs is no match for the roughly-hewn accent table against the wall that adds a touch of symmetry. But what gives this home decor its character? The peppery green color reminiscent of a cool Mojito on a summer day. A perfect pairing of curtain and chairs makes a refreshing statement—-one guests won’t fail to notice when they dine with you.

Room Paris at Midnight

Room #9: Paris at Midnight
Can black lacquered wallpaper take a backseat to a sunburst of a mirror that throws off so many prisms, it bashfully recedes into the background? That’s a question only the host of this unique dining parlor can confirm, yet it’s easy to imagine intimates sharing secrets beneath the glow of that jet black chandelier. The plank style table appears to have been freshly cut from a local forest; it flows across this narrow space, bringing guests closer together as they relax on button-embellished black chairs. Is Edith Piaf singing in the background? You be the judge.

Room Versailles Redux

Room #14: Versailles Redux
Every guest deserves to be treated like royalty, so selecting a library of high-top chairs styled with rolled tops and over-stuffed seats is a great way to keep them at table from salad to dessert. The secret to this room? It’s the subtle play of grey, brown and steel blue—a salute to Versailles that’s contradicted by the delicate wrought iron on which this neutral tabletop is placed. Nobody will miss the connection between the table and the vertical buffet leaning casually against the wall. Were Louis XVI still around, we like to think he would feel right at home here. More dining room sets on the next page… Page 1/5

Welcome to Paradise

Welcome to Paradise
It’s the room that brings family together. Hosts celebrations. Treats guests like royalty! Yet dining room sets too often get short shrift after homeowners lavish bedrooms with sensuous trappings, focus on elegant living rooms they rarely use and we don’t have to tell you the extent to which some people go to turn their kitchens into Rachael Ray-worthy culinary centers and their bathrooms into Roman spas. Time to focus on the room that reflects the essence of family togetherness: the gathering place for dreams, hopes, plans and yes, laughs. Time to focus on dining room decor. 50 Designs Guaranteed to Make Your Dining Area the Star of Your Home Of course, your idea of the perfect dining room design is unique and reflects your sensibilities. What style best suits you when it comes to home design? Will you emulate a slice of your childhood by recreating that ambience within the walls of your current abode? Perhaps you crave the sleek elegance of Scandinavian design or a French Provincial room design that takes elegance to new heights while offering an atmosphere of refined comfort. You can have what you want when choosing your dining room decor. But sometimes, what you want is like an elusive butterfly. Allow us to take you on a magical tour of dining room furniture styles that will charm and excite you. Winnow down the list to a few you adore and then settle upon the one that captures your heart. The dining room furniture that’s just right for you will make itself known, just make sure it’s the look you’ve never stopped dreaming about when your imagination lingers on the topic of home decor.

Room Revisit the 1950s

Room #11: Revisit the 1950s
The subtlety of that pink table base won’t go unnoticed, despite the fact that it’s doing a yeoman job of supporting a gracious, thick slab of a tabletop stationed beneath a chandelier that rivals the Milky Way. Simple chairs with cushy seats invite hours of lingering over tasty meals served in an atmosphere of lively fun. If the chandelier doesn’t launch a discussion about the origins of the universe, what will? As an homage to the 1950s, this nostalgic flooring and that era’s decorative touches offer a perfect tribute to dining room sets that are both imaginative and inviting.

Room For Sophisticates Only

Room #2: For Sophisticates Only
Taking a page from the Art Deco movement, this elegant room is more than a place to eat dinner. It’s a statement of your good taste and ability to select furnishings that not only fit your space perfectly, but have no equal among dining room sets. You can have it all: an artful pairing of high-end luxury and intimacy that connects everyone at your table–in this case, a clear circle of glass atop a skirted base surrounded by body-hugging chairs that promise unparalleled comfort, no matter how long the meal lasts. Change the table skirt for a different decorating scheme and everything about the room becomes brand new.

Room A Symphony in Beige

Room #8: A Symphony in Beige
Savvy decorators know better than to write off a color that’s been gracing homes for too many centuries to count. Does beige add to the tranquility that pervades this home décor color theme? Of course it does. Overhead, a fascinating bas relief ceiling overlooks a gathering of items that range from the quirky rope-clad chandelier to the nostalgic pharmacy-chest buffet that sits quietly along the wall showcasing an intriguing collection of artifacts. But it’s the surprisingly bold table surrounded by plush chairs lavished with brass fittings that steals the scene and portends lavish dinner parties to come. What’s on the menu? It may not matter within a room that’s a feast for the eyes.

Room The Emperor is in

Room #5: The Emperor is in
It’s a table fit for Mandarin royalty surrounded by lush tributes to Beijing’s Walled city: patterned silk wallpaper, tangerine chairs and an ornate pedestal table in ebony black with bronze trim that steals the show in subtle ways. Understated Berber carpet serves as a blank canvas on which this festive table is set. Must you wait for Chinese New Year’s for an excuse to entertain when your home design efforts are so remarkable? Of course not. But your company is going to be so enchanted by the ambiance you’ve created, they may swear they hear nightingales singing somewhere between your delicious entrée and lavish dessert courtesy of your home decor expertise.

Room A Taste of Scandinavia

Room #6: A Taste of Scandinavia
The Vikings knew a thing or two about roughly-hewed woods and they may come to mind the moment you glimpse the thick plank of hardwood that plays host to abstract slabs of art and matching pottery glazed so thickly, even a small lamp reflects its shine. This home décor idea begs for that moody blue wall separating the white ceiling and floor, but the solitary white pedestal table and minimalist chairs are the elements that hold this simple room together. Notice the single, blue upholstered chair seat? We like to think it’s reserved for the legendary Viking, Ragnar. Invite him for dinner. Conversation is bound to be edgy when you choose this style of dining room decor.

Room The Exotic East

Room #3: The Exotic East
If you long for mystery but don’t want your dining experience to be any more mysterious than an answer to the question “Who decorated this gorgeous room?”, East easily meets West in a rush of soothing teal and rich brown woods reminiscent of turn-of-the-Century India. That sensitive Bodhisattva face keeps watch over your dining empire. The circular table fabricated of thick wood and surprising pedestal details makes a gorgeous centerpiece for graceful chairs worthy of a maharajah. Who knows what secrets hide in those giant orange ginger jars perched before brocade wallpaper in this remarkable room as you set about recreating this dining room decor theme?

Room Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Room #10: Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Admit it: The touch of Tiffany blue that pops up in this room’s curtains and centerpiece surely confirm that Audrey Hepburn and her ebony cigarette holder have supped at this table. No peeking into this romantic residential bistro where black shutter doors invite only guests with RSVPs to indulge in freshly-baked brioche and assorted cheeses. Chevron stripes give this dining area an energy that’s palpable, though rays of sun symbolized on bamboo-shaped chairs fairly shout, “Come join us!” There’s lots of leg room thanks to that silver pedestal that rises up to greet the thick slab of glass. Anyone invited into this room is sure to be charmed once they take in your dining room decor.


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